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5 Better Ways To Make Your Website Outstanding

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5 Better Ways To Make Your Website Outstanding

In today’s era having a website is actually compulsory for any business or any aspect. It is the front face to the outsiders. People from general knows and recognizes the businesses or projects by their website. So everyone wants to make their website unique from others websites in any angle. A unique look on website leaves a favorable impression on potential customers in this competitive sector. Every designer strives for uniqueness and to compete with other designers. Web designers want to add a success story in their port folios and believe me a unique or different looking website can help with this.
It’s actually frustrating that you know that your work is not good enough because the last couple of sites you made is looking almost same. You are trying but you can’t bring any difference in your work. Are you looking for creativity? Something new?
Let me tell you one thing if a website that feels the same as many other gets the results you want that’s not might be a bad thing, right? It may look like other common sites but at the end, you are getting all the attention you needed. That’s actually good.
But of course, there is some scope to make your web site outstanding. Consistently making unique or at least unique looking web site doesn’t happen by luck. It happens with hard work and planning.
Here go some approaches that can help you to make your website outstanding with their pros and cons. I am writing here just about five approaches instead of a ton of examples because we want to make a unique site not a copy of another site.


1. Layout And Structure

It is obvious that if you want to make your web site unique and different from other sites you have to work hard with layout and structure. It is the most common thing that everyone works with to make their web site unique. It is also the most difficult thing to do too. Because there is so many web site out there with so many layout and structure. It is quite hard to make still a unique looking layout. I am still telling it’s hard for sure but not impossible. You must watch and research about others web sites and their layouts. Try to understand which part of their layout made their website popular.
The Pros- It is a lot of fun using a fancy layout or site structure that no one has ever made or seen before. It is also instantly memorable for the visitors. After making a couple of three column site, mixing up the layouts provides a challenge for your designing skills and your front-end development skills. The more you work on this the more unbeatable you will become.
The Cons- There is only some way to arrange and organize your information without losing accessibility and usability points. It generally takes more time to design the site as you have to solve some problems that encountered. The really unique and crazy layout often depends on JavaScript. But layout should not ideally base on JavaScript.


5 Better Ways To Make Your Website Outstanding-layout and structure


2. Branding

Branding is the second best way to make your web site unique and extremely outstanding. This is actually much easy. Just find out what your clients brand, their guide line, their logo, their motto and stick to them. Use the logos, guide lines frequently on the web site. Try to make it look like professional. That’s it. You are good to go with this.
The pros- Branding makes easy to build your web site unique as their logo and tagline do the most of the works. The logos make the web site more memorable to the viewers.
The Cons- This approach will work only on those clients’ web sites that have highly original branding. If the brand of the client has not much to express then probably you are at some disadvantage.


5 Better Ways To Make Your Website Outstanding - website branding



3. Graphics And Imagery

After branding here comes the Graphics and imagery. If branding is not enough to make your web site unique you can use various graphics and photos to establish a special look on your web site. Sites with big and meaningful images are more popular to peoples. Because after all peoples are visual creatures, so visual stimulation can make it more easy to connect with peoples in many ways. Images with the related subject to your web site are easier to attach with viewers emotionally. Having endless option to organize your web site more stylishly is also on the list.
The Pros- Using graphics and images on web sites make the site more memorable to the viewer than a normal organized web site. By images, you can also provide information more easily.
The cons- making unique your web site by using original images is costly. Because they are more likely have to be custom made. If you use stock images it may kill the distinction you are going for. Moreover, using additional images make your web sites size that makes the website slow to load.


5 Better Ways To Make Your Website Outstanding- graphics and imagery



4. Text And Content

It is actually the most difficult and probably most important way to make your website unique and apart from others. What is said on sites can and should be a reflection of the company.
The Pros- Text, and contents make the web site clear to others. It brings uniqueness in the site by reflecting the client’s personality or company’s culture.
The Cons- As it contains company’s description, what they do, what they want to do, it sometimes makes feel too much formal. But people want to know it more clearly, so you have to write it down as friendly way as you can.


5 Better Ways To Make Your Website Outstanding- website text and content



5. Animation

This is actually another form of graphics, but it is a huge deal right now for obvious good reasons. Animations make the web site more lively and more unforgettable. I can still remember some animated websites I saw really long ago. I already said peoples are a visual creature. So moving images is really a huge deal.
The Pros- As it is graphical, it has more potentiality to connect with peoples emotionally. It makes the web site more memorable.
The Cons- Because this is so important to make your web site outstanding, so you have to make it right. Everyone is making animation now, so if you want to stay ahead of others you have to step up your game. Bouncing buttons are not doing the jobs now. So, make it right and meaningful.


5 Better Ways To Make Your Website Outstanding- website animation



If you want to be a good designer you have to work with these approaches. Make sure where your talent is. Are you good at writing? Illustrating? Animating? Then focus on your strong side and make yourself useful. Hope this article will help you and increase your knowledge on the outstanding website design and development. Please share this tips with your friends.