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25 Important Web Design Terms Every Non-Designers Should Know

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25 Important Web Design Terms Every Non-Designers Should Know

There is a close relation between web design and development and graphic design. As a graphic designer, you have to be familiar with these web design related terms. But what if you are not a designer or nor a developer. The answer is you have to know this term as well. This is the modern era of the internet. Almost everything we do on the internet is somehow related to websites. If you are a non-designer there is a big chance that you are not familiar with those terms. You may be hearing about them but not recognize them. Which may bother you. We think you should know these terms even if you are not a web designer. Just for the sake of a consumer of the internet, you should know these terms. Today we will discuss 25 terms which are useful not only for the web designers but also for the general users. Let’s get started.


1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is one of the most important parts of any active website. You probably use it every day. When you search something on google or another search engine you can see some results. There is an indexing process behind that. This process determines which website will show first in the search engine. This is known as SEO. There is two basic categories of SEO. Content and metadata. You should choose some keywords for your content and use those keywords in your content wisely. On the other hand, meta data works as backend SEO.




2. CMS

Content Management Systems is one of the most popular things on the internet. Even If you are not a developer you can use content management system easily for your personal and professional use. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla are some of the best CMS out there. More than 74.6 million sites depend on WordPress.WordPress the most popular CMS.


CMS-25 Important Web Design Terms Every Non-Designers Should Know



3. Infinite and Parallax scrolling

Infinite scrolling enabled web pages shows a lot of contents without loading another page. When you scroll up and down through the page it shows and hides contents. Facebook feed is one of the best examples of infinite scrolling.
Parallax scrolling is similar but it works slightly differently. In this case some object scrolls and then you can see an image or object just stays at its position or in the background.







Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML is the base of any website. Mainly it’s the skeleton of the websites. Web browsers read HTML and then renders it into web pages.It always goes from a simple to complex process.


HTML- Hyper Text Markup Language


5. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

If HTML is the skeleton of the website then CSS is the flesh and skin of any website. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. The look and feel of any websites mainly depend on the CSS. From simple coloring to complex animation CSS handles it all.





6. Domain

Every website work in three way. The domain, the hosting and then the website itself. The domain is the name or address of your website. Second is the hosting. To run any website you have to host it somewhere. Then the third part is the website itself.




7. Favicon

This is one of the important parts of any website. Favicon is actually a part of branding. When you visit any website you can see a little icon left in the address bar in your browser. Various websites use various kinds of favicons. The ideal size of favicons is 16×16 or 32×32.




8. Font and Typography

Font and Typography play a huge role in any website. It represents the contents of the website. User readability mainly depends on these two things.



9. DPI

DPI stands for Dots per Inch. It determines the resolution of your printed image. So, DPI is the most important thing for stationary items and printable items.

10. PPI

PPI stands for Pixels per Inch. It also deals with the resolution.It determines the resolution of the screen. So, DPI is the most important thing for web graphics.



11. Hex Code

Colors that render through HTML and CSS and displayed on the monitor has hex code. It’s a six digit code. It starts with a #. Th hex code for black color is #000000 an d for the white color it is #ffffff.



12. Pixel

Pixel renders every image on your screen. It’s the smallest element of an image that can be individually processed in a video display system (via Many design programs and the web itself use it as a unit of measurement.


pixel vs resoltuion


13. JPEG

JPEG is the most popular format for the image. And it is widely used format on the web. The main reason behind its popularity is its small size. Although it shows fewer details but it will help to load any website faster.

14. PNG

PNG is one of the popular formats for the image. It shows more details and provides a high-quality image. The more you use PNG the slower your site will load.

15. GIF

GIF is a lossless format for images files that support both animated and static images. Websites use GIF now form more humorous content.


Difference between jpg,png,gif


16. Compression

Compression deals with the process of how your files can be managed. Usually, a lot of high-quality images can slow down your website load times. To improve your websites load time you have to use medium quality images. In this way, you can maintain the load time and the quality.

17. CTA (Call to Action)

Call to action is a useful function of any marketing based website. Any button in a website which asks you to do something is CTA. For example “Purchase” button on e-commerce sites.



18. Navigation

Actually, this term represents the menu which allows you to navigate through a website. Generally, we can see three types of menu. Top menu, side menu and footer menu. All of them are useful for the navigation.


19. RGB and CMYK Color Model

RGB model stands for “Red, Green and Blue” color model. This color model usually used for screen purposes. CMYK stands for “Cayan, Magenta, Yellow and Key” Color model. CMYK color model used for print purposes.


CMYK vs RGB color mode


20. Responsive Design

A responsively designed website will render the same content in different devices (phone, tablet, desktop computer) in different ways. The main purpose behind this is to fit all contents in different screen sizes.




21. Visual Hierarchy

Before putting content on a web page web designers come up with a visual hierarchy about those contents. For example, first, they decide which content is more important and where they will go to the web page. Generally, important contents are more colorful, brighter and larger. The bottom line is important contents will stand out from the rest of the contents.


22. Wireframe

While designing a web page sometimes web designer start with a wireframe. This is a rough way to visualize how the website is structured. Before putting all high-quality graphics and contents web designers create a rough design, in this way they can understand and improve the main design concept easily. Professional web designers design websites in this way.


23. UX/UI

UX stand s for user experience and UI stands for the user interface. How a user uses the website, how easily a user can understand the website these things mainly depends on the UI and UX.


UX vs UI


24. Grid

The grid is a framework which is made up of equally divided, overlapping columns and rows. It helps designers to align and arrange elements and components in a faster, smarter, and more reliable way.

25. Stock Photo

Photos are a big part of any website. Stock photo is a professionally captured photographed which are available on online for licensing. There are many website forms where you can buy the premium stock photo. On the other hand, there are websites for free stock photos too.


That’s all for today. Hope these terms will help you to learn more about the web design. We really hope that this article will increase your knowledge on the web a little. If you like this article then please share it with your friends.

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