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Increase Your Font Collection with This 40+ Awesome Free Fonts

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Free Font Collection

Who doesn’t like free fonts? From typography based graphic design to web development there is a huge demand of fonts. If you are a typography enthusiast then you will love this collection. In this collection we added some Serif, Sans Serif, Slab Serif, Rounded, Handwritten, Calligraphic, Decorative, Geometric, Display fonts.

Awesome Font Collection

1. Foxy





2. Bellefair





3. Clinton





4. Neon





5. Fivo Sans





6. Bunday Slab Bold , Light & Italic


Bunday slab



7. Black Animal


Black Animal - Free Font


8. Quarion





9. Baksoda





10. Belda Regular





11. Softa





12. Manoyri





13. Spectral – 7 weights


Spectral 7 Weights



14. Tuna Typeface





15. Novar







HK NOVA - free font


17. Grodna


Grodna - Free Font



18. Cera Round Pro Typeface


Cera Round - Free Font


19. Monky


Monky-Free Font


20. Monotonia


Monotonia - Free Font



21. Zwizz™


zwizz-free font



22. Cheque


cheque-free font



23. Youth Culture


youth culture



24. Kitchen Sink


Kitchen Sink - Free Font


25. Gorgeous


gorgeous-free font



26. Kardinal


Kardinal - Free Font


27. Road


Road - Free Font


28. Chlakh


chlakh- free font


29. Quantify


Quantify- free font


30. Befolk

Befokh - free font


31. Comme


commee - free font



32. Smaq


smaq-free font



33. Ocean Six


ocean six-free font



34. Caparica


caparica-free font


35. Buffalo


buffalo_script-free font



36. Sick Boy


Sickboy-free font


37. Wavehaus Sans Typeface


wavehaus-free font


38. Kadisoka


kadisoka-free font



39. Beach Please


Beach Please - Free Font



40. Hello Stockholm


Hello Stockholm-free font



41. Helmut


helmut-free font


42. Butler

butler-free font



43. Fredoka


Fredoka-free font



44. Odibee sans


odibee sans-free font



45. Wesley Gothic


wesely gothic-free font



46. Free Font for Equal Rights by Resistenza


Resistenza-free font


These are all for today. We will update this free font collection every week. So keep an eye on that. And if you like this collection then please share with these with your friends.