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Importance of Typography in Web and Graphics Design

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Importance of Typography in Web and Graphics Design

Typography is a common word for designers. It doesn’t matter that if you are a graphics designer or a web designer. Typography plays an important role in both design categories. Before knowing the importance, we have to keep a clear concept of what typography is?

What is Typography?

Basically, typography is an art and technique of arranging font type. Presenting a type or a word in an artistic way than how it normally looks is called typography.
Most people never think of typography, never understand the psychological effects it has in relation to conveying a message. Typography is 95% of design. In all forms of communication arts, it is a driving force. Can you ever imagine reading a newspaper, visiting a website, running a software or watching a TV show without text or with a horrible combination of fonts?
I don’t think so. So the text is important in communication and almost in everything. And typography is the art of showing the depth of the text.

Why is Typography important?


1. Represent a “feeling”

Typography can affect how a piece of the word takes place in the reader’s mind. Here is two example below. You tell which one is more appreciative considering the title of the articles?


typography comarison


Almost all the people will automatically choose the example on the left. The font size and type elicit a feeling of power, seriousness, and importance; while the example from the right is kind of funny, playful and that not conveying any seriousness in the title.


2. Keeps people engaged

Good typography helps the readers to focus on the content, not in the formatting. It’s not essential that good typography is always been seen, it often goes unnoticed because it just makes sense. Here is an example as well, watch and decide which one is user-friendly? Which one would you keep reading?


typography comparison-2


We know your answer is the article from the left. Because this one is easy, simple and comfortable to read. The other article contains too much color, font style, and the background is not also too good for keeping eyes when the article from the left keeps readers engaged in reading the whole article.


Importance of typography in “Web Design”

Any talented web designer likes to use typography to explore the interaction with what type simply says and how it appears. The overall message of the work must be considered. To express that message a good line must be used to the visual language and verbal language.


web-design-is typography


Of course, some time typography is more about the visual effect than the text. On that times the visual speaks more powerfully than the words. It takes effects on readers mind. Any responsive work of web design depends on this effect.
In professional web design, visual language is the meaning created by the visual appearance of the text and the text itself. Verbal language is in contrast, is the literal meaning of the text itself. In the past decades, fonts and their appearance have been brought to the attention of the average person through documentaries, film, furniture, fashion, etc. Still, some person asks what is the importance of paying attention to something so small. Why are new fonts needed? Why can’t web designers work with normal texts like “Arial” or “Georgia”?

Of course, the same thing can be said about furniture or fashion. Well, it’s not strictly needed or compulsory for the work but everyone wants to present their work in a new way with a certain look, certain mood and want the design to match.Few are totally new but the use of existing items to create a variation of those and new ways to combine them makes a new product out of old ones. Just like in those contexts, typographic web design can combine those old methods in new and creative ways.




The internet has made the whole world mobile and subject to rapid change. Everything can change, but the internet has made this faster. Responsive web design is also changing rapidly. When the main content is any websites main goal, typography is important to its effect.
Some people say that web design is 95% typography. But in this matter, we can go further and say that successful web design is 99% of typography.

Importance of typography in “Graphic Design”

Graphic designs are meant to show your brand in a visually engaging manner. They need to be extremely user/consumer friendly. Typography is an art. It makes the letters come to life in your design. It has a great impact on how your design is received by people. These designs, fonts choice are important, even sometimes more important than the color and graphic tricks used. It represents your brand image. Arts and science both are combined to give the best effect to your designs in typography.




As I said before, typography is too much important in both web design and graphics design, here are some reasons why typography is so much important in the field of graphic design.

1. Connects with the viewer/user/buyer

A good typography emphasizes your graphic design. It gives them the ability to evoke the right emotion. It has been proved that typographical choices have a great influence on the audience. A good typography is legible and affects reader’s emotions as if you are talking to them. It connects with the viewer to express a positive emotion to them. Typography makes the designs perform better and creative.



2. Makes impressive

The most successful outcome you expect from your design is to make people impressed with it. Typography helps you to easily achieve that. Appropriate font selection and mastery in typography will make your message more legible and easy to grasp. The line length, font size, character rendering and other typographical elements must be proper. Otherwise, users will feel distracted and annoyed. Following best practices in typography will reduce eye strain and fatigue. It will encourage the user to read more and pay attention to your design.



3. Makes your design valuable

Peoples doing lots of research about typography nowadays. The money and time of typography research are not going waste. Good typography adds value to your design. It makes your work more valuable and readable to the audience. People like the design with better typography. Unique font style, colorization, visual effects, make your graphic work more impressive, unique and elevates their value.



4. Express the message

Good typography always gives the audience the best first impression. It should be able to boost your credibility and trustworthiness. This will be a far dream if your message gets lost in intricate decorations. Paying attention to typographical best practices and standards will save you from deadly mistakes. Typography saves your message from getting lost. It aids in communicating the ideas clearly. It highlights the most important things.



5. Bad typography can cause losses

Sometimes typography causes some losses too. Sometimes designs seem not that appropriate. Mismatching fonts styles, bad color choosing, unnecessary visual effects cause confusion. Improper letter spacing and alignment can frustrate the user. Graphic designs can fail because of a single misplaced dot. A good typography can do great things for your design. But bad typography can ruin the entire graphic design. So make sure your innovative design ideas include some great typographical decisions too.



So, the bottom line is typography is an important part of graphic and web design. A good typography can make any design looks great. Popular websites use a nice combination of fonts for their typography. Typography based design become popular day by day. In this article, we tried to describe the concept of typography and why it is so important. Hope It helps you. If you like this article then please share it.