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15 Best Redesign Concepts That Will Blow Your Mind

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Redesigning is an essential part of the modern web and graphic design. Actually, it’s quite a regular event. Our everyday life generates new ideas, requirements, rules, and morals. It’s an evolving world and to keep up with this changing world big and small corporations sometimes needs the redesign. Websites need the redesign to attract new customers and enhanced conversion rate.
However, it doesn’t matter how good a website is there is always room for improvements. Even the best websites can improve by creative designers. We assemble a bunch of great redesign concepts from the designer’s community. These design concepts represent a revamped and modern version of some the best websites and applications like YouTube, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, Google Play and others.

Redesigned website concepts

1. Apple Music Redesign Concept

This awesome redesign concept is a beauty. It focuses on creative and simple design concept which is a most awesome card-based design. The color combination is mind blowing. A better navigation, play-list side panel, customizable welcome screen, prominent search result view, clean and distinctive artist page, cleaned up radio interface are some awesome features of this design concept.




2. Dafont Redesign Concept

Dafont is one the best website for fonts. It’s a very popular website among designers and web developers. But the main problem of this website is it’s a very outdated site. In this redesign concept designer Philip Trautmann changes the look of the website to better UX/UI concept. This redesign concept changes the look of the website for better and proposes some functionality for a better user experience.





3. Facebook Redesign Concept

Facebook is the best social website out there and it is user-friendly too but there is always scopes to improve the design and make it more user-friendly.Specially in the profile section and the add section which is so complex. In this redesign concept designer, Roland Hidvegi shows that there are scopes for improvement. The main focus of this design is iconography and typography. And my god what a great design it is. It’s a treat for the eyes.





4. Craigslist Redesign Concept

Craigslist is one of the top advertisement company. Just like dafont, it has a very old-fashioned design.The typography and any simple iconography can make this website more good looking. Besides this, there is always a chance to add more functionality. Designer Aurélien SALOMON’s minimalistic redesign of this website gives you an idea about what redesign can do and why it’s necessary for attracting new customers.





5. Steam Redesign Concept

Steam is a multi-player platform used to distribute games and related media online. It’s a popular platform among PC gamers and does millions of dollar business sin every year. Although the current design of this website isn’t that bad, the redesign version is much better. Great color combination and creative design make this redesign version outstanding. This redesign version of steam analyze the color combination from a gamer point of view and then combine it with awesome typography.





6. YouTube Redesign Concept

A Vietnam-based designers team Nhluong did an awesome job on redesigning YouTube. Minimalistic design with awesome typography makes this design unique and much better than the original one. The main focus of this design was channel part and they nailed it. They pretty much keep the original feel and tried to make it look more modern. They focused on the card based design and it works perfectly with the video layout.





7. Amazon Streaming Redesign Concept

Amazon’s popular streaming service also known as Amazon Prime is a great source of entertainment. Designer James Cipriano makes a huge effort to create an out of the box design for this website. There are two different version of this redesign concept and both of them is exceptional. The main difference between the redesign version and the original version is the redesign version gives it a slightly light appearance.





8. SoundCloud Redesign Concept

A very sleek and unique redesign of SoundCloud by Guillaume Marc. It looks more user-friendly and clean than the original design. Minimal design, perfect color combination and awesome iconography give this redesign a perfect balance.Like another redesign versions of famous websites, there is a card-based design in this version too. Completely new design in the header and footer area is noticeable.





9. Wikipedia Redesign Concept

Wikipedia is one of the most visited websites in the world.It’s a giant encyclopedia of the information. This famous website has a very simple text and image based design which looks like a little bit outdated. In this redesign concept designer, Adrien Laurent gives an idea on how much this website has to offer in a design perspective. From typography to layout there is a huge opportunity for improving the design and make it more user-friendly.





10. Goodreads Redesign Concept

Goodreads is every bookworm’s favorite website. This website has a very messy look and slightly complex layout. Designer Guntis Rusa makes a redesign version of the landing page of this website. It looks more modern and enhanced than the original one. Mainly, it’s a card-based design with awesome hero area and a modern footer. The main focus of this redesign version proposes a different layout which looks more modern and well organized.



11. LinkedIn Redesign Concept

LinkedIn is a popular website among the professionals all around the world. The current design of this website is a tad bit outdated. Especially the personal dashboard part is not so attractive. But designer Barbara Morrigan creates an alternate version or in this case a redesigned version of LinkedIn and it’s an awesome looking design. The main strong area of this design is the dashboard part. This redesign version looks more light than the original one.





12. Instagram Redesign Concept

Photo sharing platform Instagram is so popular among the young generation. It has a very minimalistic design but designer Ben Dunn gives us an alternating redesigned version of this famous platform. The main focus of this redesign version is grid system and it works perfectly for this design. This redesign version changes the navigation system also and make it handier.





13. Beko Redesign Concept

Beko is a global domestic appliance and consumer electronics brand. Designer Selman Ay creates an awesome redesign for this company and it looks much better than the original. The color combination and slightly new logo give this design a fresh look. It’s a masonry card based design with trendy hero area based design and it pretty much handled the contents well.






14. Yahoo! Redesign Concept

Yahoo is an internet services company. There was a time when Yahoo considered as a giant but seems like it cannot compete with the other competitors. Recently it goes under a huge redesign process. The new version of the Yahoo! is more likable and user-friendly. In this redesigned version designer Taras Bakusevych creates a nice looking modern design for Yahoo!. It gives us an alternating version of this famous website.





15. Spotify Redesign Concept

One of the most famous website on the internet and very popular among the music lovers. Spotify redesign concept by Clément Goebels has a pleasing, cheerful and inspirational presence. The home page is based on gradient hero area concept with the awesome navigation system. The smart gradient color combination plays a major role in this design. The UI concept of this design is top-notch.





The main purpose of the redesign is, improved a design for good, makes it more user-friendly and enhanced its functionality so that it can keep up with other competitors. A polished redesign can give a boost to any company’s brand identity.
What is your opinion about these redesign concepts? Which one is better than the original? Let us know in the comment section and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.